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Wood Pallet Manufacturers - Shipping and Crating Companies

Wood pallet manufacturers and shipping and crating companies can also use the OptiLedge as an alternative to wood pallets

OptiLedge Benefits for Wood Pallet Companies:

While it may seem that the OptiLedge is a competitive product for wood pallet companies, some of our biggest customers are in the wood pallet business. They see the OptiLedge as a way to create custom pallets using the lightweight, waterproof OptiLedge. 

Chiquita Unit Load Assy 7.JPGBecause of the competitive cost of plastic as compared to wood, the OptiLedge is a good option to use in combination with wood to create custom solutions.

Pallet companies and crating companies often need to create custom size pallets. Here again the OptiLedge has significant advantages. Because it comes in multiple sizes and can be used in combination, the OptiLedge is a flexible alternative for wood pallet companies. 

If the pallet needs to be shipped across an international border, the OptiLedge is exempt from ISPM 15 requirements and so it is an excellent alternative to wood. 

Because it is waterproof, the OptiLedge is a good choice for shipments that will go by sea and will be in high humidity environments for a long period of time. 

Chiquita Banana OptiLedge pallet alternative