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Mr. OptiLedge Says.....

Everything's big in Texas- Even the savings!

Posted by admin on June 10, 2016

 On the seventh day, God blessed Texas.

When I feel the need for a stronger connection to you mortal citizens, I make it a point to experience life the same way you do. So, on a recent trip to Texas, I drove instead of using my super powers. 

Texas Speed Limit.jpg

Some observations:

  • The speed limit is 85, er... I mean 75, which is awesome
  • If you're in need of a good divorce lawyer, owe money to the IRS, or have been in a recent accident, let me know and I'll give you some names
  • The left lane is for passing only!

I've been in touch with the central scientific committee at Planet OptiLedge and have provided them a sample of this special super food you call Kolaches. They are still studying it but early indications are this may be one of the most important scientific discoveries in years.

Texas Food.jpg

Of course, I did some business when I was there as well. Our customer: Attabox is now exporting to China (yes, you heard that right) using the OptiLedge instead of a traditional shipping platform. 

The OptiLedge solution is lighter and cheaper than the pallet they were using and it is exempt from the ISPM 15 Heat Treatment requirements. 

So yes, everything's bigger in Texas, even the savings from using OptiLedge. 

Texas Pallet.jpg


Texas Pallet 2.jpg

Texas Pallet 3.jpg