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Electrical Supply - Cable Management - Thomas & Betts

Thomas & Betts has eliminated wood pallets for shipping "c-channel" cable management systems

Benefits of OptiLedge: 

The standard approach for shipping c-channel or cable management equipment is to use a 'slotted runner.' This is a strip of wood with a channel cut in it to hold strapping. It is very commonly used for shipping long product that does not fit onto a standard wood pallet. 

The product is bundled together and then pushed and dragged when loading onto and off of trucks. Often, the slotted runners can become caught on objects on the warehouse floor or on the gap between the warehouse and the truck when loading. This can result in the wood breaking and the bundle falling apart. 

Thomas & Betts found that the use of OptiLedge eliminated this problem. The OptiLedge slides more easily across the warehouse floor and the design of the OptiLedge allows it to stay intact more consistently than the wood alternative. 

In addition, the OptiLedge is light, clean, waterproof, exempt from ISPM 15 requirements and is easily nested together when not in use.