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 Lightweight Pallet - Ideal for Airfreight

"Wood does not belong on airplanes"- Mr. OptiLedge

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Replace Wood Pallets

Invented by IKEA - the OptiPal is a sustainable alternative to wood pallets


      • ISPM 15 Exempt (no need for heat treatment when shipping across international borders)
      • Custom sizes easily accommodated
      • Honeycomb deck provides cushioning of product
      • Solid deck reduces loss and damage
      • Fewer worker injuries with lighter, cleaner pallets 



Adhesive Recommendations:

Basic Criteria

  • Must adhere to polypropylene which is more challenging than adhering to wood or corrugated
  • Failure mode is fiber tear (corrugated rips)
  • Able to with stand supply chain (all temperatures)
  • Must be able to be manually or automatically applied

 Loading Guidelines

 Peel force: 0.4 lbs/inch

Horizontal shear force (“bulldoze”): 7 lbs/inch (0.3 coefficient of friction-OptiLedge and unit)


 We have successfully tested hot-melt and PSA hot-melt and recommend the following:

 IFS ‘DURAPRO’ M-751.This is a hot melt with a long open time allowing for efficient application of the OptiLedge.

 IFS ‘DURAPRO’ M-739. This is a PSA hot melt adhesive. It can be applied to the OptiLedges and it will remain tacky. You can use this with a release liner to create a “peel and stick” OptiLedge application.

Please contact http://www.ifscos.com to purchase.


 Glue machinery suppliers can provide more detailed recommendations for use with these adhesives but we recommend spray equipment for efficient and quick application. 


OptiPal Models and Pricing - * Many custom models and sizes also available

OptiPal 1200

  • 1200 x 1000 footprint
  • Pallet Weight - 7 kg
  • Capacity 1 Metric Ton
  • Available: 
    • USA
    • Europe
  • Budgetary Price: $17.00 USD
    Ex-Works subject to OptiLedge LLC
    Terms and Conditions 

OptiPal 800

  • 1200 x 800 footprint
  • Pallet Weight 6 Kg
  • Capacity 600 kg
  • Available: 
    • USA
    • Europe
  • Budgetary Price: $16.00 USD
    EX-Works subject to OptiLedge LLC
    Terms and Conditions 


Savings with OptiPal

Number of OptiPal
pallets shipped
per month 

2 500 3 500 5 500
 Potential savings per month   $45,000 USD  $63,000 USD  $99,000 USD 
 Potential savings per year $540,000 USD  $756,000 USD  $1,188,000 USD