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About Us


Several years ago, IKEA invented the OptiLedge (internally referred to as the Loading Ledge) as an innovative alternative to wood pallets with the hope that it would reduce transportation cost and increase sustainability.

Implementation was such a remarkable success that in 2012, IKEA announced it would phase out the use of wood pallets. They also decided to make the OptiLedge available for businesses outside of IKEA.

Over the years, the OptiLedge has been marketed and sold through several different business entities but in April of 2014, OptiLedge LLC of Newnan, Georgia purchased the OptiLedge brand from IKEA. 

With production in the USA and the Czech Republic, our global team of dedicated professionals and distributors is standing by to work with you. Contact us today to see how the OptiLedge can work for you!


Product Benefits

Environmentally Sustainable—The OptiLedge is made of strong, light and durable Poly Propylene which can be recycled. Traditional wooden pallets use trees and are difficult to dispose of. In addition using wooden pallets adds over one ton of weight to a typical truckload. Lastly, unitized loads generally have less packaging.

Save Money!—Our customers consistently save hundreds of dollars—mainly in fuel and labor costs—per container by implementing the OptiLedge. Significant savings come from the dramatic reduction of labor required to handle imported goods and reduced fuel expenses due to the lighter weight of the OptiLedge. Other savings include reduced packaging costs and reduced damages.

Reduce Labor, Damages and Packaging Cost—The OptiLedge is an economic way of creating unit loads so that freight can be handled in a palletized format throughout the supply chain. This eliminates labor that adds no value to your product, reduces damages, workplace injuries and lead times for your products.

Save Space—The OptiLedge, when not in use, nests together taking up dramatically less space than a traditional pallet. As an example, one truckload of OptiLedges would be the equivalent of 23 truckloads of traditional pallets.

Lightweight—The OptiLedge weighs under two pounds compared to 33 pounds for a traditional pallet.

The OptiLedge Fits Your Load...Not the Other Way Around!—Eliminate underhang and increase fill rates.


While the OptiLedge works for a wide variety of products; the unique OptiLedge offers particular advantages for businesses shipping unusually sized or non-conveyorable products.

Some of the industries that can benefit most from the OptiLedge:

  • Ready To Assemble Furniture
  • Game Tables
  • Hardware: Toolboxes
  • Home Improvement
  • Appliances
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Office Supplies
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paper Products
  • Other Consumer & Industrial Products

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