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Mr. OptiLedge Says.....

Wood doesn't belong on airplanes!

Posted by admin on December 30, 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, there are stories in the news of big shifts in consumer behavior. This Christmas more shoppers bought presents on-line and that puts huge strains on supply chains. Chances are that many of those presents that were under the tree got there via airfreight, especially if they came from Asia. 

OptiPalpic.jpgSpeaking of trees, when the presents were loaded on the airplane, they were probably packed on a heavy wood pallet...which is kind of crazy. If you've ever had to unpack your checked bag at the airport counter because it's overweight, you know how picky airlines are about shipping heavy stuff. 

Well, it's the same for airfreight. AIrlines and freight forwarders charge shippers for the amount of weight they ship (for the most part) and that means that not only do shippers pay for the price of the wood pallet, they may also pay four times that amount to ship it! So, for example: if a wood pallet cost $10.00 US Dollars to purchase, it may well cost another $40.00 to ship it. 

So, what to do? The handy thing about wood pallets is that they are strong and readily available. On the negative side, they are relatively heavy, they can carry bugs and wood splinters and nails can damage airplanes and equipment. Nails that fall onto the airport 'ramp' have even caused flat tires on airplanes and can become flying projectiles when the jet engines start up. 

At OptiLedge, we've launched our OptiPal which is available globally and is a sustainable alternative to wood pallets--originally created by the admired retailer: IKEA. (You knew the sales pitch was coming sooner or later). 

OptiPal is lightweight, 100% recyclable and unlike wood, it is exempt from ISPM-15 rules so does not need to be heat treated when shipping across international borders. The OptiLedge feet are strong, light and waterproof. The deck board is made out of corrugated honeycomb so it is also light and strong and readily available in custom sizes. Best of all, the entire pallet is easily recycled. If you go to your local IKEA, you'll see lots of these pallets in use. 

The other great thing about our wood pallet alternative is that it saves a lot of CO2 and we can easily calculate those savings. We think that once you crunch the numbers you will agree: 

Wood doesn't belong on airplanes! olm3.png