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How will my sales be in 2016?

Posted by karol on January 7, 2016

As I circle the globe fighting for truth, justice and the American way (and introducing people to the awesome advantages of a sustainable alternative to wood pallets), I’m noticing a decided gloominess out there. 

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China markets are down, China exports are shrinking, Oil is crashing and the US dollar is strong (I remember when those were good things), the Saudis have cut off diplomatic relations with Iran, the Gulf region looks like a powder keg, Kim Jun Il is blowing up H bombs… it’s enough to make you lose your sense of humor. 

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If you’re in the sales business (like me) you have to be optimistic, but how to stay optimistic in an environment like this? Well, I remember some sage advice I got when I was just a young super-hero:

No matter how bad the economy is, there is always one place you can go to get new customers: from your competition!

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Now go out there and have a great sales day!