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The Times They Are a Changing

Major retailers are re-visiting their practices for importing cargo.



Mr. OptiLedge Says...Times they are a changin'

For many years, the standard practice for big retailers was to floor load containers, but our sources tell us there is a push to eliminate floor loading at some very big retailers by as early as 2017. 

IKEA made a similar move years ago. Their experience proved that any cube loss (actually they gained cube) or shipping platform cost was more than made up for by reduced damages and lower labor cost. The savings for IKEA were huge. 

The only challenge was to come up with a way to efficiently unitize or palletize product. That's when IKEA created the innovative OptiLedge as a sustainable alternative to wood pallets. 

With production throughout the world and the ability to work directly with factories across China, OptiLedge is well positioned to help importers make the move away from floor loading. Talk to us today about your options for palletizing products.