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Flat Pack or Knock Down (KD) Furniture - Steelcase and IKEA

The OptiLedge was invented by IKEA primarily to ship flat-pack furniture.

OptiLedge saves time and labor by allowing cargo to be unitized efficiently. 

Because ready-to-assemble furniture comes in odd shapes and is heavy, it is difficult to handle throughout the supply chain. The traditional approach is to hand load containers. While this can make good use of the containers, it is not efficient when loading and unloading because it is time consuming and can cause injuries. 


To solve this problem, IKEA invented the OptiLedge. Because it is light, flexible, nestable, recyclable, strong and waterproof, it has contributed to IKEA being able to completely eliminate traditional wood pallets from their supply chain resulting in savings in the millions of Euros every year. Through OptiLedge LLC, the OptiLedge is now available to all shippers. 







We are proud to have Steelcase as a valued customer for many years.