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OptiLedge in Action


" The OptiLedge has improved efficiency in our warehouse. We are able to fit almost twice as much material into the same space. The OptiLedge is lightweight and easy for our staff to use and handle. It is a great, clean and sustainable solution to our shipping and storage needs."

Bill Evatt, President/Owner,  Attabox​​

Customer Testimonials


20160112-global-fitness-logo-01.jpgOptiLedge is the easiest company to work with. They have great communication, I always know what is going on with my order. Shipping is FAST! OptiLedge lets Global Fitness, Inc. move product around our warehouse and also ship worldwide with ease.

  Thank you OptiLedge for making my job easier!

Marissa M. Unzueta, Parts Manager, Global Fitness

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Respected company- Thomas & Betts, a division of Zurich based ABB Ltd. has announced it will implement the innovative OptiLedge® for shipments in North America. “We are excited to see a top Fortune 500 company implement the OptiLedge and we’re confident that they will experience the typical benefits of this unique shipping technology including significant cost savings, reduced CO2 emissions and ease of use for end users.” – said Jeff Lamb, President of Unit Load Systems LLC who are the global licensee of the unique OptiLedge by Inter IKEA Systems, B. V.

"OptiLedge and applying a unitization philosophy to awkward dimensioned product can eliminate non-value added tasks from the supply chain, increase effective capacity of the system and promote a more continuous flow from vendor to customer."

Tony Soumas, Divisional Logistics Manager, Leisure Canadian Tire Corporation

"The OptiLedge offering is an important innovation in the field of transport packaging and one that our clients need to be aware of. We look forward to working with the professionals at OptiLedge to provide added value to the industry."

Bill Rehrig, President and Founder, TOPS Engineering

"The OptiLedge system has been very successful here at Steelcase. It has and will continue to save us money and more importantly it is in line with our sustainability efforts. I look forward to assessing and implementing this solution with other products."

Jason Horton, Operations Engineer, Steelcase

"Universal Casket has shipped literally hundreds of caskets using the OptiLedge. We have found it ideal for our purposes."

Edward Jones, General Manager, Universal Casket

"Best Buy has successfully used the OptiLedge system since approximately 2007. By shipping on the OptiLedge, Best Buy is able to realize supply chain savings on import products from Asia. The OptiLedge reduces labor, improves supply chain efficiency and is an environmentally sustainable alternative to other shipping platforms. While any new SKU's would have to be pre-approved before they can ship to Best Buy on the OptiLedge, we welcome the chance to review new opportunities.

More Hardware 001.jpg"I just wanted to send you this note touting your Opti-Ledge pallets we use for our shipments with the Mighty Max Carts we sell nationwide. Not only do we look very high tech when using your nice looking plastic recyclable pallets with all of our customers, but it saves us and our customers in shipping costs as we avoid a 35 lb standard pallet and these Opti-Ledges weigh only 2 pounds total."

Jack Clark, President, 
Mighty Max Cart LLC