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Introducing the OptiTray™

 The OptiTray corrugated tray provides an excellent means of attaching the innovative OptiLedge to your cargo, widening the scope of potential applications. 

The OptiTray™ is…

  • A single-wall, simple fold-up, die-cut corrugated tray with print capability
  • A customizable shipping platform
  • Extremely lightweight, efficient, recyclable and sustainable
  • Excellent airfreight pallet
  • A quick and secure way to attach the OptiLedge to your product

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The OptiTray design locks the OptiLedge in place by wrapping up and over the vertical flange of the OptiLedge. In this way, the OptiLedge is captured in place and held secure during transit. It allows for a wide variety of designs. The tray can be quickly assembled and provides for all of the a  dvantages of other more traditional platforms such as wood, but is much lighter, takes up much less room when not in use and is ISPM 15 exempt for international transport. Furthermore, it is more cost effective than other platforms and is 100% recyclable. The possible applications are limited only by the imagination of the designer!




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Point of Purchase (POP) Displays

 The POP market is very well suited to the OptiTray. Most POP displays are placed directly on retailers sales floors. However, using traditional wood platforms (wood pallets and half pallets) expose the retailers to various risks. Exposed nails can damage floors, injure workers, or even shoppers. To avoid these issues, the OptiTray can be incorporated directly into the design of POP displays. In this way, the OptiLedge foot is the only thing in contact with the sales floor avoiding many potential risks. In addition, the OptiTray is lighter and more sustainable than other solutions. 

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Handling Advantages of OptiLedge

The OptiLedge tray design is retail ready. Many POP displays must be manually placed on a stack base or other platform at the store. This results in possible damage to the display, is difficult for the co-workers to handle and adds labor. Instead, the OptiLedge can be put directly on the floor. 

                     Shipping Platform                                                Display Ready Platform 

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Display Ready Shipping Platform – no extra handling required


OptiTray- Technical Details: 

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                  Single Pair Solution                                                                     Tandem Pair 



                                                                                         Perimeter Solution