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Mr. OptiLedge Says.....

Boldly Go Where No Supply Chain Professional Has Gone Before!

Posted by admin on July 21, 2016

Explore the Final Frontier of savings: Pallets.

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While companies often have a strategic process to analyze transportation spending and sourcing, that approach rarely extends to the sexy and exciting world of pallets. 

For those that have made the effort, the rewards have been substantial. In 2012, IKEA completely eliminated wood pallets from their supply chain by using the OptiLedge. Savings have been in the millions of Euros. 

OptiLedge - the Alternative to Traditional Pallets

Benefits to using the OptiLedge include: 

  • Space Saving

Space Saving.jpg

  • Weight Savings


  • No Heat Treatment for International Shipments- curbside recyclable. 

Recycle 5.jpg

  • Huge Savings for Airfreight- typical weight savings: 10 Kg per skid


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Contact: info@optiledge.com to explore the Last Frontier  of Supply Chain Savings! 


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